Group Fitness Schedule A

With this schedule option, events are entered into the database and displayed on a calendar with click-able events.
These click-able events can hold a description of the class, a bio and photo of the instructor, a logo or even a video.

Choose a class from the calendar below to see how this works
or search for 'signup' to see how the Class Signup Module can work for your members.

Bootcamp with Lori

Date:October 1, 2023
Time:8:00am - 10:00am
Class description here! This could include just words, photos,
instructor bio and photo, even a video!

Plus these great features:
- set recurring events (daily, weekly, monthly)
- set one-time only events
- member only sign ups, the signup form is not displayed to non-member viewers
- only accept sign ups a certain number of hours/days before class begins
- set a custom 'event full' message
- and more!

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